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Awaken2Sleep Virtual CE Sponsorship

$2,250.00 now, and $2,250.00 on the 1st day of every 3rd month

Virtual CE Sponsorship – $750/Month (Paid Quarterly)

  • Co-Branding on Monthly Webinars with an Average of 175 Registrants
  • Brand Recognition on Webinar Recordings
  • Prominent Presence in Specialized DSM Implementation Courses
  • Co-Branding Opportunities on Clinical Foundations Courses
  • Access to Webinar Registration and Attendee Reports
  • Inclusion in the Awaken2Sleep Partner Referral Program

First payment: September 1, 2024

Awaken2Sleep Virtual CE Sponsorship

Maximize Your Reach with Virtual CE Sponsorship – $750 per Month

Co-Branded Education:
Elevate your brand to new heights by sharing the stage on our monthly webinars and courses. Engage in real-time with hundreds of registrants each month, and enjoy prolonged brand recognition through our recorded sessions. This platform provides an exceptional opportunity to connect with your audience and showcase your brand’s commitment to excellence.

Specialized Course Presence:
Stand out in the competitive dental industry by aligning your brand with our specialized dental courses. This unique partnership underscores your expertise and dedication to the dental sleep practice community, positioning your brand as a key player in providing industry-leading solutions.

Complimentary Course Access:
Each month, receive 2 free tickets to any DSM Implementation Course. Invite a dentist and 4 of their team members to experience transformative knowledge firsthand. This benefit not only enriches your clients’ experience but also solidifies your role as a provider of comprehensive dental solutions.

Data Insights:
Gain an exclusive edge with access to detailed webinar data. These insights are invaluable for refining your marketing strategies and deepening your understanding of your target audience.

Extended Network:
Join the Awaken2Sleep Partner Referral Program to unlock a world of new connections and untapped opportunities. As a preferred vendor, your brand gains access to a broader network, increasing your reach and potential for growth.

Custom Landing Page:
Showcase the essence of your brand on a dedicated landing page. Highlight your unique offerings and solidify your position as a leader in the industry. This tailored space is designed to make a lasting impression on your visitors, ensuring that your brand stays top-of-mind.

Why Choose Virtual CE Sponsorship?
Our Virtual CE Sponsorship goes beyond mere visibility; it’s a strategic partnership aimed at building trust, fostering relationships, and establishing your brand as a trusted ally in the dental industry. Connect, resonate, and thrive alongside dental professionals in a way that’s never been possible before.


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