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Home Sleep Testing Lease


$0.00 / month

Quickly test at-risk patients for OSA with the Home Sleep Testing Lease from Awaken2Sleep. Includes access to sleep MDs for diagnosis. Affordable month-to-month leasing options are available.

The Home Sleep Testing Lease program from Awaken2Sleep is a month-to-month lease program designed to help dental practices quickly and easily test their at-risk patients for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). With a home sleep testing device from Awaken2Sleep, dentists can perform diagnostic, titration, or efficacy tests right in their practice, without the need for an expensive hospital stay or sleep lab visit. The program includes access to sleep MDs to provide the diagnosis for patients based on the test results. With flexible leasing options, the program is designed to be affordable and accessible for any practice.

Does not include includes shipping, ongoing supplies, and the cost of interpretations of HST results.


Weight 5 lbs
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